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Additional Recommentations

  • If there is any eye strain get your eyes checked up at Vision Care absolutely free of cost.
  • Use cosmetics labeled "hypoallergenic," "for contact lens wearers," or "for sensitive eyes."
  • Do not sleep with your lenses on.
  • Do not use tap water to clean your lenses.
  • Do not boil your lenses or your lens case.
  • Avoid cheap or unknown brands.
  • Wash hands thoroughly with a non-additive soap before handling your lenses.
  • Apply cosmetics after inserting lenses.
  • Remove lenses before removing makeup.
  • Use water-soluble cosmetics.
  • Avoid creamy or oily makeup or makeup remover.
  • Use soft pencil eyeliners and apply outside the lash line.
  • Use water based, "water-resistant" mascara (not "waterproof").
  • Use pressed powder eye shadows.
  • Use aerosol products—hairspray, cologne, and deodorant—before inserting lenses.
  • Never share cosmetics or applicator brushes.
  • Replace eyeliner, mascara and mascara brushes every three months.
  • Don’t expose cosmetics to heat.
  • Never apply eye makeup when you are in motion.
  • Don’t use water or saliva to lubricate applicator or thin cosmetics.
  • Don’t apply cosmetics if your eyes are red, swollen or infected. See your ophthalmologist if symptoms persist.

How To Take Care Of Your Spectacle Lenses

  • Be sure to keep your lenses and frames clean.It is recommended that you use only an approved optical lens-cleaning cloth maintenance.
  • Occasionally clean your lenses by dipping them into warm,soapy water
    and then rinsing them under running water.To dry, gently pat them
    with a lens cloth.
  • Always wet your lenses when you clean them.Wiping lenses dry may
    cause scratches.
  • Keep your eyewear in a spectacle case.Open the case fully and gently
    pull them out.Sliding them in and out may dull the lenses.
  • Always use two hands to take spectacles off.Remove them using even
    pressure on both earpieces.
  • Be sure to hold your glasses with both hands when taking them on or off.
  • Do not place your glasses face down on a hard surface.
  • Use soft and clean tissue or cloth to wipe your glasses.
  • Do not leave your glasses in the car exposed to the direct sunlight.
  • Do not wear your glasses in a sauna or a steam bath.
  • Avoid exposing your glasses to hot air or boiling water directly.

If you have any kind of irritation in your eyes you are welcome at Vision Care for a thorough Eye checkup which is 100% free.

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